New members now being accepted. Check availability below

Latest – 2 full tickets has just become available on The Lavers. These will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Lords Ground Midweek                                                       £225 

Lords Ground Full                                                 last few £300

Stanford Hall Midweek                                     last few £250

Stanford Hall Big Lake Full                                   SOLD OUT

The Lavers Midweek                                2 spaces left £350

The Lavers Full                                             2 spaces left £450                              

Hasse Fen Midweek                                 2 spaces left £350

Hasse Fen Full                                                1 space left £450

Cowland’s Farm                                                          SOLD OUT

Click image below for the latest catches downloaded by members

hasse 29-12 may15Latest Catches – Live Album


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