Tickets have now been released for general sale on Lords Ground and Stanford Hall Big Lake. There is also limited spaces left on The Lavers (Full and Midweek) and Stanford Hall Small Lake.

Latest April 14th a mirror of 39lb has just come out the Big Lake to the rods of a new member Allan Smith – pics to follow.

Interest free easy payment cheque spread or standing order available on all tickets.

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Hasse Fen as always producing plenty of thirties this time of year. Still not fully woke up but half a dozen thirty plus fish up to 36-08 were caught over Easter weekend . Sold Out

Lords Ground is another deep venue which is just coming out of its winter slumber. Plenty of fish now showing and getting caught. Lords has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of seasons with a few fish edging past the 30lb mark. We are expecting Lords to really push on this season and in the next few weeks there should be plenty of action. Tickets available

leather carp
Matt Rand with one of Lords lovely leathers – April 15

The Lavers is producing consistently now the weather is getting warmer. Biggest recently being a 34lb mirror with 3 other thirties in the past week.  Theres been a few low to mid twenties caught which we have not been able to match up on our stocking records. These are carp that have been born and bred in the lake and are doing very well. Last few tickets available – Midweek & Full

Stanford Hall Small Lake is seeing lots of fish being caught with stockies and originals coming out to 33lb. Being a lot deeper the Big Lake has just come out of winter mode with some decent catches most notable being an 8 fish catch which included a new lake record of 39lb. Last few tickets available


  • 22lb previously uncaught fully scaled
  • 30-12 last graced the bank at 21-06 Sept 2011
  • 20lb plus part of Pete's December 4 fish catch.
  • Another rarely caught md twenty!!
  • Another one of the old warriors
  • Nice 27 pounder
  • Long linear - probably another first capture
  • Proper leather
  • One of Lords long hard fighting commons

Peter Brown has had a good season over Lords which has continued right into the colder months. There are a lot of uncaught / rarely caught carp in Lords that can become pre-occupied on the abundant natural food present of which there are vast quantities!. On his last session,just before Christmas, Pete managed to turn their heads and land four of these elusive fish including this very nice previously uncaught 22lb  fully scaled and mirrors 30-12 and 20-04.

Tickets now available for the new season starting on May 1st priced at only £275. Easy monthly payments of 5 x £55 instalments.


What a fish 34-08 from the stockponds
What an incredible carp!!! 34-08 from the stockponds
106. 26-02 nov14
Impressive 26-02 stockie which has settled in well- its since been caught at 27lb!!

The stocking of the Big Lake was completed at the end of November 2014  with the introduction of the two final fish. These magnificent mirrors of 34-08 and 26-02 mark the conclusion of our 3 year stocking program. With well over 100 of the best carp you will ever see being introduced along with the original stock the venue is definitely one of great potential.

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