Syndicate Membership 2018-19

We have now contacted the waiting lists. Existing members who want to keep their ticket contact us asap. There are a small number of tickets available please enquire HERE

Hasse Fen                           Full   £475                Midweek   £375

The Lavers                          Full   £475                Midweek   £375

Lords Ground                   Full   £325                Midweek    £250

Cowlands Farm                                  SOLD OUT

The Lavers Linears

The first weekend in November saw Iain Dewale and Craig Doolan fish a social on the Lavers syndicate. They both managed to catch a 29lb linear, although apart from the weights the two carp couldn’t be more different. First to catch was Craig who banked the much sought after Zip Lin, one of the originals, at 29-14.  Around 25-30 years old this torpedo of a  carp is a fantastic fish to have in your album.

Craig Doolan with the Zip Lin.

All was quiet until packing up the following morning when Iain noticed one of his lines tighten up as he was about to wind in.  On lifting the rod he could feel a fish on the end. After a ponderous fight he eventually slipped the net under our old mate Stumpy, the born in the lake super carp. Stumpy hadn’t been caught for a while  but had obviously been feeding well as he turned the scales round to a top weight of 29lb.  Stumpy is the polar opposite of the Zip Lin being extremely short, deep and very wide and still only 8-10 years old. A very unusual carp indeed and definitely a one-off.

Iain with our old mate Stumpy at 29lb.

Hasse Fen Latest 

Hasse Fen has been producing some quality fish during October 2017.  During this period the average carp  caught has weighed well over 30lbs with a number of upper thirties plus a new lake record 41-10 being the highlight.

Martin Ellis with lake record 41-10
Mike Cole with one of Hasse Fens lovely scaley mirrors at 34-08

Lavers Latest

The linear first made an appearance in 2011 season caught by syndicate leader Eddie Hollis.

Lavers has had a history over recent years of producing some nice born in the lake carp. Latest to come through the ranks is this zip linear first caught at around 5lb in 2011.  This fish was caught mid-October at 26-04 by Ben Hewish.

Ben Hewish with his recent capture of the born in the lake zip linear at 26-04


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