Syndicate Membership 2019

There are a small number of January 1st start tickets available NOW. please call 07968 524630 or enquire HERE

HASSE FEN £500                             3 available

thE LAVERS £500                            3 available

lORDS GROUND £400                      6 available

Tickets run from January 1st 2019 and end December 31st  2019,  limited availability first come , first served.

Latest Carp stocking – Nov & Dec 2018

We have  introduced some quality carp to all the venues recently with fish to over 40 pound going in as we empty the stockponds. There are still more to go in, so far we’ve stocked 22 carp at an average weight of over 27lb.  Here’s a few from the stocking below, check out the facebook page for full details.

The Lavers 41lb


Lords Ground 40-02


The Lavers 32lb


Hasse Fen 32lb


The Lavers stunners!

The Lavers has fished consistly well since the start of the season. The carp have darkened up nicely and are in great condition after spawning. Here’s a few of the recent captures.

Ben Hewish with a the majestic Black Leather at 30lb


Ben Ryan with the famous Stumpy at a spawned out weight of 27-07. This carp was born in the lake and first caught at 7lb in 2011.


Ben Hewish with a nicely scaled 36-02 mirror. This was stocked as a low double in 2007 supplied by Frontfish Carp Farm.


Hasse Fen Latest 

Hasse Fen has been producing some quality fish during October 2017.  During this period the average carp  caught has weighed well over 30lbs with a number of upper thirties plus a new lake record 41-10 being the highlight.

Martin Ellis with lake record 41-10


Mike Cole with one of Hasse Fens lovely scaley mirrors at 34-08


Lavers Latest

The linear first made an appearance in 2011 season caught by syndicate leader Eddie Hollis.

Lavers has had a history over recent years of producing some nice born in the lake carp. Latest to come through the ranks is this zip linear first caught at around 5lb in 2011.  This fish was caught mid-October at 26-04 by Ben Hewish.

Ben Hewish with his recent capture of the born in the lake zip linear at 26-04


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