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Previously uncaught 26lb mirror

Update June 2013 Lords Ground has been doing a few fish since the start of the season. Plenty of twenties have graced the banks biggest so far being a common of 27lb. There are a lot of carp in Lords that are pre-occupied on the abundance of natural in the lake and just don’t get caught. Plenty of bait can turn their heads though as this previously uncaught mirror of 26lb shows. Heavy baiting in the edge got a group of decent fish feeding close in and this one slipped up.

dan with a 20 plus stunner

Dan Sage has had plenty of fish including a number of twenties. This cracking 20lb plusĀ mirror was one of the 4lb stockies from Frontfish that made up the bulk of the stocking back in 2006. The majority of these young fish have grown long and lean on the natural food which is present. Once they start to fill out on the decent bait that is now going in it won’t be long before there are a lot of big, beautiful dan with an end of winter fish 20+carp in there. Some of Dan’s other twenties are shown also.

Construction on the new toilet has begun and will be in completed by the middle of June. The farm are attempting to drop the water although the pump packed up the first go.

Spaces are available for this season

  • Steve Gilbey with new lake record of 29-03

dan with 20 common

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