The Lavers

The Lavers is situated near Ongar, Essex is around 4.75 acres in size. It had been used annually as a farm reservoir since it was dug in 1990 through to 2006 when it was no longer required on a regular basis for irrigation and was opened as a fishery the following year. Its now only used for irrigation when there is an extremely dry summer. The lake was very barren when the fishery was first opened. A planting program of reeds, willows and hedgerows that was implemented back in 2007 when the fishery was being created have firmly established themselves now.

The lake was first stocked in 2007 the carp have shown some remarkable growth rates. The vast majority of the carp were stocked as singles and low doubles from Frontfish of Devon. These were a mixture of fully scaled mirrors, linears, commons and leathers. There are now over 20 different 30lb plus carp present and we are expecting the first Lavers forty very soon. Total stock is in the region of 120-150 carp. There are even some stunning carp that are born and bred in the lake. Some of these are really fast growers and approaching the 30lb mark!



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