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Shaun Rutter with Boycie at a new lake record of 45-10!!!
Shaun Rutter with Boycie at a new lake record of 45-10!!!

Just a couple of days after Marlene, the long standing lake record, came out at a new high of 45-08 Boycie decided to join in on the action. Boycie was the highlight of a 12 fish catch that fell to the rods of Shaun Rutter and included a 32-08 mirror and a further 8 twenties. Having not graced the bank since August last year the big mirror registered 45-10 on the scales and becomes the new lake record.


When the match season is over England international carpers Jamie Londors and Billy Flowers concentrate  on Cowlands Farm for their cold water carping. They’ve had plenty of action so far with some nice fish landed. Highlight for Bill was a quick overnighter just before xmas with good 3 fish catch  comprising of an 18lb common, 31-09 mirror and the great Marlene at a lake record 43-08.

cowlands 43-08 dec14
Billy Flowers with Marlene at a new lake record of 43-08!!

 Jamie has also been amongst them, fishing mostly days he’s caught a steady stream of nice carp.  An early January 2015 overnighter saw him bank one of the old Stow warriors, the elusive Scaley Tail, at a top weight of 36-14. Jamie has also banked a few of the stockies and the next generation are coming along nicely. They are growing well and taking on the dark Cowlands colouring as can be seen in the immaculate 24 pounder below.

Please note Cowlands Farm is only available to existing members transferring venues.

cowlands 36-14 jan15
Jamie Londors with the much sought after Scaley Tail making a rare appearance on the bank!!
cowlands 24-00
Nice to see the stockies doing well. This 24lb mirror was stocked at 8lb just 5 years ago.


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