The Future

Here at Lily Fisheries we have a continuous policy of restocking the venues with the very best carp available. In order to do this efficiently we have an in-house fish farm facility of 6.25 acres. The vast majority of our stock are the glorious fish from the renowned

What a fish 34-08 from the stockponds
Introduced  C3 @5lb February 2010. When harvested at C8 November 2014 she tipped the scales at 34-08. Exceptional grower now residing in The Big Lake – Stanford Hall.

carp supplier Frontfish Of Devon. To this effect we have an ongoing contract with Frontfish who supply us with carp to grow on every year. We have grown on our own fry before but have found that C3 carp from Frontfish in the 4-6 pound range or C4’s around 10lb to be the best bang for your buck. Providing we get a good summer for feeding  the C3’s will be 9-13lb C4’s the first year, 14-20lb C5’s the second year with most of the C6’s going 20lb plus. Biggest we’ve grown on so far was a colossal C8 that went 34-08. 1-26-02a2-25-00106-26-02-nov1492-23-00-nov13

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