Hasse Fen

by admin | August 13, 2011 2:07 pm

Carp Stocks
Hasse 34-08

There are around 300 carp present in Hasse Fen with a large proportion of these fish being the sought after glorious scaley beauties from the renowned fish farm, Frontfish of Devon. At the time of writing this (March 2018) there are around 60 to 80 thirties present with four different fish going forty pound plus.

Hasse Fen 35-14
Hasse Fen 40-12
Hasse Fen 32-08
Thirty plus zip linear
41-10 autumn 2017
Upper thirty Hasse Fen brace

Hasse Fen is our largest venue at 17 acres and is situated near Soham, Cambridgeshire. Although designated as a farm reservoir it has seldom been used for irrigation since the lake was first dug in the early nineties. In fact the lake is only used for irrigation in extremely dry summers to top up the surrounding drains. What stands the venue out from most farm reservoirs. which have a fairly uniform bottom is that Hasse Fen has a multitude of features to fish to. There are  large plateaus in the middle of the lake which shallow up to depths of only four foot, steep drop-offs to depths of over 20 feet as well as plenty of bars and gulleys. There is also a long, thin island emerging from a gravel bar which runs across the centre of the lake which provides plenty of opportunities for the angler. There was a deadline on the completion of the lake which got delayed because of long periods of heavy rainfall during excavation. When deadline day arrived the excavation team pulled off and the lake was flooded. This was before the lake bed was levelled out and tidied up which is why the lake bed is so varied. This worked out very well when we opened the lake as a fishery as every swim boasts a host of interesting features. The carp have thrived in Hasse with all of the carp showing great growth and weight gains.

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